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Susan LaDue

Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement
I write detective fiction set against the issues that face the Caribbean coast of Central America. The issues in question tend to be rendered critical when big money discovers a place, and rapid development sets in. My current novel is about a plan to build a wastewater treatment plant that falls victim to the corruption that is endemic to the development of third world countries by large multinational corporations.

At the same time, I'm addicted to (and love writing) detective fiction. I enjoy the interplay between an enticing character and the way his or her way of being causes a juicy plot to unfold. PD James's Adam Dalgleish is my model for this interplay, as his manner of conducting an investigation determines the way in which the evil doer will be flushed out of the novel's bushes.

I'm a retired academic, full time writer, and passably political in my life activities (very liberal.) I love to talk about anything people have read; about the process of writing; and about the political foundation of social injustice. I'm not married and don't have children so family talk can distance me. Education of people of all ages is a favorite topic, though.