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Radha Agrawal is a self-styled “community architect” whose entrepreneurial endeavors have centered on community building in a variety of ways. She is the cofounder and CEO at Daybreaker, a community-focused company that hosts early morning raves and yoga sessions in dozens of cities around the globe. She and a friend, Matt Brimer, started the company in 2013 as a way to counter what they saw as the faults in New York City nightlife: too much alcohol, not enough dancing. She is also the cofounder, coinventor, and partner at THINX , which sells absorbent, reusable period underwear for women. THINX was also founded in 2013 on the back of a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Agrawal has also launched a life-coaching app called LiveItUp. With all this under her belt, Agrawal knows a thing or two about business and community building. She has has imparted her wisdom and penned a new book, Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life, which she also illustrated. Agrawal also has a penchant for wide-brimmed hats.

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