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Katherine Arden is the author of the dark and whimsical Winternight trilogy that reimagines myth and being a woman in Medieval Russia. The first in the series and her debut novel, The Bear and the Nightingale, was a bestseller that Booklist called “utterly bewitching” in a starred review. The second installment, The Girl in the Tower, was published in 2018 to equally rave reviews. Arden’s life story is as unique as her work. She earned dual degrees in French and Russian from Middlebury College in 2011 and spent two years living in Moscow while earning her degree. After graduation, she took a hard left and moved to Hawaii to work on a macadamia nut farm, where she started writing the book that became The Bear and the Nightingale. Her latest book is her middle grade debut, a ghost story called Small Spaces, which R. L. Stine called “terrifying and fun.”

"Katherine Arden: It's a great time for female fantasy writers"
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