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Ellen Winner is a psychologist, researcher, and educator who studies the intersection of the arts and psychology. She is a professor and chair of the psychology department at Boston College. She is also a senior research associate at Harvard’s Project Zero, where she works in the Arts and Mind Lab. There in particular she studies the effects of visual arts and music on the brain, particularly in children. She has authored over a hundred scholarly essays, as well as several books: Gifted Children: Myths and Realities (1996), Point of Words: Children's Understanding of Metaphor and Irony (1988), Invented Worlds: The Psychology of the Arts (1982), and Studio Thinking and Studio Thinking 2 with several other authors. She earned the Rudolf Arnheim Award for Outstanding Research by a Senior Scholar in Psychology and the Arts from Division 10 in 2000. Her latest book is How Art Works: A Psychological Explanation.

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