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Daniel José Older is a Latino author who has taken all reading levels by storm with his gritty approach to fantasy literature. His first novel, Half-Resurrection Blues, an urban fantasy and the first in his Bone Street Rumba series, was named a New York Times Notable Book of 2015 and won the  International Latino Book Award. Later that same year, his young adult fantasy Shadowshaper was published. In it, young artist Sierra Santiago discovers the magic of placing ancestors' spirits into works of art, or shadowshaping. But she also finds that someone is killing off the shadowshapers. Sierra’s journey to save the shadowshapers sends her delving deep into her own family history. Older published two more installments in the Bone Street Rumba series, Midnight Taxi Tango in 2016 and Battle Hill Bolero in 2017. He published two novellas on Tor.com, Ginga and Kia and Gio. In 2017 he published Shadowhouse Fall, the second in his Shadowshaper Cypher series.In addition to his writing, Older is also a member of the band Ghost Star. His latest is a middle-grade novel, Dactyl Hill Squad, which adds pterodactyls into the fracas of the American Civil War. 

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