Raji Patel

Co-Director, NASA Space Grant
I am Co-Director of the (NASA) MA Space Grant Consortium. This is a network of colleges, universities and education institutions based at MIT. In this role, I have the responsibility to manage NASA’s education mission in MA, which includes relations with our members, Space Grant consortia in other states and external organizations. I am also responsible for proposing grants for NASA education initiatives in MA, and, conducting and reporting on the NASA education programs. Over the last ten years, I have been responsible for developing many of the new programs that the consortium has conducted in MA. Further, I mentor MIT students in our flagship program at the Kennedy Space Center.

Previously, I have had over twenty–five years of experience as a financial and business manager in organizations in the U.S. and abroad, including Associate Controller at Wellesley College, Projects Officer at the World Bank, and Alumni Association Regional Director at MIT.

I have served as Board Member of the Association of MIT Alumnae for over twenty years, where I was active in women's education and career issues, including MIT Middle School Visits initiated in 1980 to encourage girls in STEM education. Currently, I work on the leadership team for K-12 programs with the MIT Club of Boston.